You’re revving through rain-soaked streets in your Maserati, speeding over B-roads and C-roads, feeling the pulse of the engine as your foot mashes the accelerator pedal.


But all of a sudden, a Vauxhall Nova tears into view. You slam on your breaks, skid over wet tarmac and feel the side of your supercar gouged by a straining crash barrier.

Your neck feels like a snapped elastic band, your legs are ruptured to the point of atrophy and your brain is buzzing with fear. You’re lucky to be alive.

Yet not every car crash is the result of a Formula One fantasy. In 2012, more than 195,000 people were involved in a vehicle smash – and more than 1500 of those crashes proved fatal.

A car crash can happen to any one of us, no matter how careful we are. And, when the mist has cleared and you’re lying at home with a plaster cast wrapped around your leg, it can be addressed through the legal system.

Car crash claims experts should be your first port of call when you’ve been involved in a collision.

But what does the process involve?

The legal process

First, it’s up to you to pick up the phone. Dial an expert solicitor and detail your accident. They’ll then be able to discern if your case has a leg to stand on in court.

Next, it’s time to rev along to your crash site and gather as much evidence as possible. Info on the other driver, witness accounts, damage to your vehicle, emotional effect and the severity of an injury – all these could mean the difference between a case succeeding and failing.

Then, it’s mainly time for you to take a backseat as your solicitor involves themselves in legal wrangling and litigation.

Car of Duty

And making a case against a dodgy driver isn’t just financially beneficial. It’s your civic duty.

Imagine a world in which boy racers and absent-minded accelerators can crash and smash without punishment. Those 195,000 crashes would look like small potatoes.

With more claims cases you can expect safer roads and fewer fatalities. While the mind-set of the average petrolhead isn’t always focused on the wagging finger of the law, more people might consider the effects of their actions.

Claim amounts can vary from accident to accident, as well as how much blame can be placed on each party. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid trying to make the roads a safer place.

While the process of litigation can be stressful, there’s little better reward than knowing you’re making the roads safer for everyone. And a little bit of cash for your efforts can help fix your car.

Who knows – you could be enjoying the roads afresh, without worrying about boy racers.

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