The latest trends in kitchen designs offer a satisfying blend of functionality, style, and comfort. Kitchen designers are focusing more on creating spaces that are visual interpretations of their clients’ personalities and identities. People no longer want small, stuffy kitchens that only have room for preparing meals; they want open spaces, with different zones designated for meal preparation, dining, and entertainment.

The newest design trends effortlessly mix subtle nuances with bold statements to come up with kitchens that satisfy a variety of tastes without compromising on their functionality.

Contemporary versus conventional

The traditional all-white kitchen is rapidly giving way to more contemporary designs. Homeowners are becoming increasingly daring and they are not afraid to experiment with modern aesthetics in their kitchens. Instead of the white walls and surfaces of yesteryear, individuals are increasingly using tile, wallpaper, or paint to introduce texture and color.

Those who are wary of bold décor can introduce interesting touches by incorporating kitchen ornaments and accessories made from different materials. Copper trinkets, brass cookware, or rose gold light fixtures can all be creatively displayed to give the kitchen a stunning modern feel.

Trending Kitchen

Trending Kitchen

Classic hues

Classic hues are still trendy, and homeowners can never go wrong using neutral tones as base colors in their kitchens. Whites, off-whites, or cool grays offer versatility as undertones and can be easily customized to match the rest of the room’s color scheme. They are also ideal for those looking for a classy, sleek finish.

To avoid a cold and uninviting kitchen, natural wood accessories or finishes can be added. For instance, cherry wood cabinets can be installed to offset a stainless steel backsplash from Commerce Metals.

Incorporating natural materials

Another trend gaining momentum is the incorporation of natural materials in the kitchen. This trend is fuelled by the current “going green” movement, and city dwellers are hoping to reap some of the benefits of being surrounded by nature right in their urban homes.

Bringing the great outdoors into the kitchen can be as simple as putting in natural wood cabinets, stone countertops, or adding a brick veneer to the walls. Fresh flower arrangements can also add a natural ambience to any kitchen. You can find some really good ideas for things like this by following the Homeclick Twitter feed as they post some DIY videos.

Integrating technology

As more people become attached to their electronic gadgets and toys, designers are scrambling to come up with novel ways of integrating them into kitchens. Flat-screen TVs, iPods, and entertainment systems are just some of the gadgets homeowners are introducing into the kitchen. These devices allow individuals to multitask and combine cooking with entertainment or work. Docking or charging stations can easily be installed on kitchen islands to facilitate the use of these electronics.

Changing countertops

Countertop designs are also receiving some attention this year. The customary wooden, stainless steel, or granite kitchen surfaces are rapidly being overtaken by those made from different materials. The most popular of these materials include Caesarstone, Corian, zodiac, and quartz; these may be available in glossy or dull matte finishes. The main attraction of this latest crop of countertops lies in their sustainability and durability. The fact that they are easily customizable is an added bonus.

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