Most of us use the internet on a daily basis, and the ways we use it hasn’t change for years. After all, everything’s pretty basic right? Wrong. Did you know that there are some amazing tricks that will make your life better. Check these out.

Log Out of Facebook remotely

Have you ever tried checking on Facebook on a friend’s device and then realized later on that you forgot to log out? Fret not! There is a neat trick to log out of your Facebook account remotely.

Just log in to your Facebook account using your device and then navigate to “Settings”. Click “Security” from the left menu, then “When you’re logged in”. The screen will expand and all sessions will show, giving you the option to close an open session on whichever device it is still running on.

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Google incomplete phrases

Open and close quotations make searching for phrases easier on Google, but how about incomplete phrases? Try replacing the missing or forgotten words with an asterisk instead. This little known Google trick will make it easier for you to find quotes, phrases or lyrics even if you half-remember their words or skew them slightly. How do you do it?

For example, I want to find out the title of a certain song by Fray by searching in Google the following lyrics: “lost and insecure, you found me”, but let us say I didn’t quite catch the word “insecure” and “found”. What I will do is google “lost and*you*me” (including the quotation marks). The Fray’s song “You Found Me” will come up – exactly what I’m looking for!


Browse the web incognito

Here’s the thing, turning off your browsing history does NOT make you anonymous on the net. ISPs and websites themselves will still know when a site has been visited. So, if you fear that your spouse, boss, colleagues, or anyone might catch some explicit or embarrassing thing you just don’t want other people to see, for instance, looking for an online support for an issue you want to keep private, try browsing incognito. This feature is available in most browsers today, including Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.


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