As an avid cyclist is there anything more exciting when it comes to cycling than buying a brand new bike? With so many new developments and advances in sports technology over the last few years you may find the bicycle market is a completely different place compared to what it was the last time you purchased a bike, leaving you completely spoiled for choice. To make the buying process a little easier you need to identify a set of criteria that meets your bike usage requirements, London cycling won’t require the same bike as cycling in the Peak District so bear this in mind to avoid getting too overwhelmed with the choice and features on offer.

Different Types of Bikes

Different Types of Bikes

Road Bikes

If you only cycle on the road, primarily for commutes or racing then it’s the road bikes you need to look at. They are designed for speed and their lightweight, aerodynamic frame will get you around swiftly with very little effort.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are designed for those who do most of their cycling off road and need features such as shock absorption, suspension and wide tyres. Mountain bikes are one of the cheapest ways to get around and very effective in keeping you fit with their versatility meaning you can head to the nearest rural cycle track and still have an easy ride whilst enjoying the scenery.

Hybrid Bikes

A hybrid is a combination of a road bike and a mountain bike, if you require some versatility in your bike’s offering then the hybrid would be perfect for you.

Folding Bikes

If your daily commute to work combines both cycling and public transport you may find that a folding bike is ideal for you, especially if the bike space on public transport is limited. Folding bikes are lightweight for convenience and you will typically find that the wheels are smaller for convenience. Due to this the riding experience may feel different to what you are used to so, if you can try out a folding bike before you buy.

Electric Bikes

Electrical bikes are a relatively new development made for those who are commuting over longer distances. A motor powers the bike when you are travelling at less than 15 mph or going through a particularly tough part of your journey, such as a steep hill where you would benefit from some additional power. There are various categories of electric bikes: Electric Mountain Bikes, Electric Street Bikes &  Urban Electric Bikes.

Electric bikes are significantly more expensive than a normal bike but in the long term could work out cheaper cycling this way than travelling by car over longer distances.  

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