Your kids might worship Mickey Mouse and adore watching Remy cook his way to stardom in Ratatouille, but when it comes to real life, a rodent invasion is the last thing you’ll want them to face in their home.

Mice can look cute from a distance, but once they’re scurrying across your floors you’ll see them in a different light. They not only spread disease but errant rodents can also end up costing you a whole load of expensive property damage as they nibble their way through your home.


When people talk about mice infestations, it’s hard to imagine that it’ll ever happen to you. They’re the stuff of cartoons and country living nightmares, not an everyday reality. But with the weather getting colder, it’s an issue you could end up dealing with sooner than you’d like.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to prevent unwelcome visits from rodents. We’ve hunted down the four best methods for you to take a look at.

#1: check for signs

Noticing a problem quickly is key to stopping it from escalating. Mice might be expert climbers and brazen house squatters, but they aren’t very good at covering their tracks. They move under the cover of darkness but in the clear light of morning the signs will be obvious.

Droppings, scratching noises, and a whiff of ammonia will be instantly noticeable. You should also take a closer look behind cupboards and fridges for nests.

#2: keep it clean

Come winter, mice are looking for shelter and food, so it’s essential that you keep your house and garden free of any tempting crumbs and leftover morsels.

Store food in plastic or metal containers and dispose of waste in secure bins. Keep surfaces and floors free of debris and don’t forget about cleaning up pet food – it’s as appealing to mice as it is to your dog.

#3: seal up entrances

Those tiny door shapes gnawed through skirting boards that you always see in cartoons aren’t so funny or cute when they’re popping up all over your house.

Mice can squeeze through a pencil-sized gap so it’s difficult to get them all, but you should attempt to block as many points of entry as possible. Important weak areas to remember are vents and holes around pipes.

#4: hire an expert

If there are clear signs that you already have a furry house guest, the professionals are the only ones guaranteed to kick them out for good.

Hire an expert pest control firm to get rid of mice and they’ll handle the situation safely and efficiently. It’s more expensive than a DIY solution but once they’ve done their job you’ll have peace of mind that your house is clean and free of pests.

Follow these simple methods and rest assured that the only mice you’ll see from now on are the ones created by animators at Disney.

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