It’s not always easy to describe a video game as being luxurious. But every now and then, a game is so sleekly designed, or so clean in its execution, that it simply makes you feel like a classier gamer compared to when you were slinging Angry Birds around to no end. So with that in mind, here’s a look at five app games that have a luxury feel to them.

1. Smash Hit

It may seem strange to start a list of luxury apps with one that revolves around digitally smashing glass. Yet when you play the game, and when you compare it to other “stress relief” destruction games, it’s got an unquestionably deluxe flavor to it. There’s an oddly serene quality to this little game, which was designed by Mediocre AB and immediately became something of a sensation among app gamers.

Gameplay is simple: you drift forward slowly through a shifting landscape of glass panels, towers, and swiveling obstacles, and you smash them out of your way by touching the screen to launch little metal balls at them. The idea is basically to get as far as you can, but it’s more about the overall experience. Something about the pace and visual beauty of the game is just soothing, and it almost feels like a genuine stress-relieving experience rather than just a game.

2. Monument Valley

Often cited as an example of the high quality of indie app games, Monument Valley is a 3D puzzle narrative by Ustwo. Frankly, calling it a narrative gaming experience is a little bit generous, as the tale of a lost princess seems to make no sense whatsoever. But the game itself is a thing of beauty, both in its visual appeal and in its construction. When compared to the dozens of other popular puzzle games available for mobile users, Monument Valley absolutely plays like a luxury option. Its geometric illusions and curious puzzles will keep players busy for quite some time, and during that time the sights and sounds of the game are nothing short of pleasing.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

3. Betfair Bingo

The Betfair Bingo app is not, like some of the other games on this list, at the top of the app store gaming charts. But it does stand just as tall against competitors within its own genre, and its interface has an impressively professional feel to it. Essentially the mobile version of Bet Fair’s online bingo platform, the game actually allows for real money gambling on various types of bingo games. Aside from that capability, though, it’s the mature look of the game that sets it apart as a sort of deluxe bingo or casino gaming option. Most apps in this genre have goofy or cartoonish images, and it’s almost hard to take them seriously. This is the exception.

4. Infinity Blade III

This sequel from Epic Games finished off a trilogy that has really set the bar for app gaming, at least of a certain genre. To put it simply, this is an action/adventure epic that looks, feels, and plays like a genuine Xbox or Playstation video game, and it remains unmatched in this regard. Whether or not battling through a fantasy realm fending off spellcasters and swordsmen is your thing, it’s nearly impossible to not be impressed by the sheer quality of this app.

Epic Zen Garden

Another creation from Epic Games, Epic Zen Garden is best known as a sort of showcase for the unreal engine 4 game creation system, and it’s incredibly impressive. Designed for the iOS 8 operating system, it’s more of a point-and-click experience than an actual game. You can simply explore and manipulate an environment that will take your breath away with its graphics and responses. It’s not much in the way of competition or challenging aspects, but it certainly fits the luxury gaming label and in ways it shows off the future of mobile gaming capability.

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