As 2014 begins you may find yourself stuck as you may have run out of ideas for holidays. Here are some exciting holiday ideas you may want to try out.

Villa holiday in Tuscany

Tuscany in Italy is a fantastic destination if you live in the city and want to get away from all the hustle and bustle. You can retreat to the Italian countryside and stay in a rustic farm house surrounded by olive groves, lush vineyards and rolling hills. If it is not the wineries that will enchant you here then the medieval towns and quaint traditional villages might inspire you to begin a career in painting trying to capture to amazing beauty of Tuscany. Return to your busy life inspired, refreshed, and truly sentimental, having sampled the best of the luxury Tuscany villas on the market and the Italian lifestyle.

Work at a summer camp in America

Summer camping is an American pastime passed down from generation to generation. Kids from all walks of life gather in the camps to enjoy different activities during summer. Camp America is one of the most recognized camping programs on the world and it is here that you can develop your skills by working in any of the camp jobs that you feel better qualified to do. Some of the work in the camps includes maintenance of the camp, running the different departments, cooking, cleaning, and supervising the kids, teaching different sports and skills to the kids. All these activities are fun and add value to you CV, being one of the best work abroad programs out there. Touch a child’s life while adding to value to your own: a win-win.

Summer luxury

Summer luxury

Greek island hopping

Greek boasts of over 6000 islands which are home to various attractions and formations including ancient cities, fascinating beaches, mountains, villages and rich culture. The Greeks are also friendly and their finger licking cuisines will have you spell bound as you sample the delicacies in the tavernas. It is rather impossible to explore all the islands but if you hop on to a ferry or a boat and hop from one to the next and stopping for a night in the most alluring, then you may end up seeing a little bit of everything which is nice, and a great way to enjoy luxury Greece holidays.

Take a safari holiday to Africa

The African continent is an amazing destination for the world’s most phenomenal safaris, the destinations for the safaris are numerous and varied. For an exclusive desert safari try the Namib Desert in Namibia, for fascinating drives deep in the Jungle, try the Kruger National Park in South Africa. For a savannah grassland experience culminating to a relaxed retreat to fine beaches try Kenya and for deep forest thrills then Uganda crossing into Rwanda’s gorilla habitats tops your list.

Luxurious holidays

Luxurious holidays

Teach english in Thailand

Thailand is a place where culture, nature and traditions coexist together in such a graceful way. Its natural beauty, dynamic capitals, mysterious shrines, monasteries and spa culture has lured many tourists towards this Asian country. Thailand’s enchantments come alive as you explore the culture, her delicate nature, and thrive in the warmth of her people. You can take a longer vacation here and enroll in any of the English teaching programs so that you can explore this country in detail.

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