All across your office, a disease is spreading – it’s the disease of bad taste, and it’s making your employees balk at their poorly designed desks and sigh at their bland staff room.

workplace taste

That’s right – you might be a boss who gives staff hour-long lunch breaks, sends them hilarious emails of funny cat pictures and garlands them with rose petals and candy canes upon entering the office, but your taste in interior design is woeful.

And with a poorly designed workspace comes low morale, low output and even dire employer-employee relations.

So, what deluxe steps can you take to turn your office from garish nightmare to luxury workspace?

Gain some flower power

Even the drabbest workplaces can be brightened up with effective interior landscaping. Although you could dot a few pot plants around your office yourself, bringing in a professional will give you great floral designs and make your business look plusher than a Sheik’s luxury condo.

But why are plants and flowers so important?

For a start, they’ll make the air you breathe far healthier thanks to a neat process called photosynthesis. Essentially, plants “breathe in” carbon dioxide and “breathe out” oxygen, giving you cleaner air and, in turn, healthier employees.

That’s not even mentioning the boost that a colourful and vibrant floral atmosphere can give to employee morale – there really is no disadvantage to interior landscaping.

Fuel up on Feng Shui

An ancient eastern spiritual practice (it’s at least 2,000 years old), Feng Shui has sustained itself as the ideal way to keep balance with your inner life and nature. But even if you don’t buy ideas of equilibrium and Zen, this eastern mainstay is also a great guide for the layout of your office.

Call up a Feng Shui professional to see how you can optimise your office, gain the balance you need and end up with happier, more productive employees.

Open up

If your fusty old firm is trapping its workers in claustrophobic cubicles, then chances are your employees are feeling a bit miserable and antisocial. Trapped away from their colleagues, they’re slacking off more often and struggling to get through their work amidst the doldrums.

Shed those pointless walls to create an open plan office, and you’ll find your workers will brighten up, making conversation easier and letting their neurons spark more easily.

Let in the light

Light, not unlike plant life, is one of the most effective ways to give your office a luxurious glow. Beaming in through windows, a hefty dosage of light will give your workers a vitamin D boost and make the air of the room far healthier.

So, invest in large, stretching windows and, if your ceiling is directly underneath the roof of your building, some skylights to ensure you top up on all the natural light you can.

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