Cartocci the paper clay by Paola Paronetto

Sculptural and out of scale, this is the new dimension of Cartocci in paper clay by Paola Paronetto, white or colored, embellished or decorated with gold rectangles by bright tones  were all presented at the Milan Design Week 2013 showcased by entratalibera.

The design was made up of segments with smooth or textured surfaces. The collection Cartocci in paper clay Paola Paronetto is divided into many fascinating variations and continues to add new elements of great visual impact.

The 2013 edition of the design week in Milan, the ceramist and artist presented large bottles and bowls out of scale, presented in different heights in the colors black and white, these sculptures in paper clay are suitable to become the main solitary or create evocative landscapes in every environment.

The collection Cartocci in its various forms takes its particular face marked by texture of paper and cardboard, cellulose fiber, ceramic added to the dough. With a visual light which is almost fragile as if they were daring constructions of paper, Cartocci arouse the curiosity to touch, explore with their hands these virtuous creations.

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