If there is a brand dedicated to research the benefits of aquatic microorganisms on the skin, that’s Biotherm. That’s why they are so conscious about preserving the seas, so they have launched their third campaign to save the Arctic Ocean.

The products that make up this edition of ‘Biotherm Water Lovers’ were designed by Finnish illustrator and designer Sanna Annukka. Test Aquasource, Lait Corporel or Biomains and take care not only your skin but also collaborate with a good cause.Biotherm Water Lovers

Biotherm created ‘Water Lovers’ in 2012 as a platform for action to help protect the planet’s waters, collaborating with leading NGOs engaged in the protection of aquatic biodiversity among which is Mission Blue -World Organisation for the defense of the oceans. Its main objective is to fund this research project in the Arctic in one of Mission Blue’s protected marine areas. In their previous collaborations with designers Kari Moden and Angela P. Arrhenius they got to raise more than €350,000.

The research project consists specifically in financing a vital study about the effects of global warming in one of the greatest arctic animals, the polar bear. This study is due to the Arctic ice continues to melt and affects the effects of overfishing and pollution, so it’ll be possible to know more about the welfare of polar bears in these circumstances and also how it affects the Arctic ecosystem.

Don't they need our help?

Don’t they need our help?

The objective of Mission Blue is to increase marine protected areas in a 20% in estimated terms from here to 2020. Since its beginnings five years ago, Mission Blue has managed to increase its repercussion and mobilize the international community to invest in improving the ocean’s state of danger.

The most valued signature products will be the ones which will have this original design; Aquasource moisturizer (which contains Mannose, a type of sugar able to penetrate up to four layers of the outermost part of the skin and cellular water with 36 nutrients), nourishing body milk composed of agents and vitamin E (which helps restore even if you have skin peeling), and finally, Biomains hand cream, especially to protect hands from the signs of aging and helps prevent sun spots thanks to UV filters. Write down on your ‘wish list’ this Christmas one of these Biotherm products and support a good cause with the aquatic ecosystem and of course with your skin.

Best limited edition ever

Best limited edition ever

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