In a scale of one to five, how dependent are you on your gadgets? I doubt very few people these days can leave home without their cellphones, while away time without glaring at their screens, and enjoy great dinner with family and friends without checking up on their android phone.

We’re living in a technology-driven and -dependent society, and the scariest thing about it is that technology has started to creep in almost all facets of our life. It’s not that technology is bad, but our fascination towards it is bordering on addiction. Here are the tell-tale signs that you are becoming addicted to technology.

You are constantly checking your emails


Email certainly allows you to do a lot of things in a day, but if you live and die in email – that’s another story. It takes away a lot meaningful experiences, such as enjoying good conversations with friends, family or a loved one at a dinner table. An article from reported that researchers from the University of Glasgow noted a serious case of email addiction in majority of their study participants.

The study revealed that some individuals check their emails 30 to 40 times per hour. 59 percent participants admitted of checking their PDA device every time an email arrives, and 89 percent said that they check their email even they are on vacation.

Your life is a tangled mess of laptops, Blackberries, iPhones, PDAs, etc…

Have you ever complained of being busy all day but haven’t actually moved out of your bed or got out of the house ever since you woke up in the morning? The thing about modern life is that you can do so much without actually doing anything. it’s a new epidemic. Some people are kept busy the whole day checking out their emails and texts and responding to every single one even in the wee hours.


Some others are kept busy preening up for their Facebook or Instagram statuses, finding ways to get many likes, stalking people on social media, and so on. There is something irresistible about unopened message or unchecked notifications that it has become quite an addiction for the many of us.

You answer messages in the wee hours of the morning

As if staring at your computer screen the entire day is not enough, it has become your habit to check your cellphone before you snooze off to sleep – and even reply to messages at 1 a.m. or 3 a.m. You shifted from a morning person to a night owl. Blame it on the obsession of being connected.


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