We are only in October but time passes very quickly and in a leap we will find ourselves already in the middle of the winter, and of course the Christmas period, one of the most magical times of the year, for those who love the atmosphere of the city lights and street markets. The luxury jewelery brand De Grisogono, has already carried out by presenting the first proposals for a luxury cadeau special to give to her.

De Grisogono jewelery

De Grisogono jewelery

For Christmas 2013 De Grisogono jewelry showcases touch ironic and playful, light-hearted for a gift but brilliant and precious. The theme is fruit, pineapple, lemon, pear and apple in key saucy and fun, but make no mistake, even though at first glance these solutions seem simple trendy bijoux, they are actually molded into gems of great value

They are called Funny Fruits, the last line of luxury bracelets De Grisogono for Christmas, 2013, and irreverent detail, aesthetics young and fashionable. The latest models of fine jewelry scent of glamor. Fawaz Gruosi and his team of master goldsmiths has in fact indulged and gave birth to four fanciful reasons that make fun the fruit salad, sparkling decorations that peek out from bangles in polished steel and black nano ceramic.

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