And if you take note and follow them, you’ll finally get perfect results at home.

1. Not everyone can space hair washings: Yes, we recommend endlessly the maximum possible days to pass between shampoo and shampoo, but not everyone can afford it. If you have thin hair, you need to wash it more often if your hair was thicker. The best would be, if you have to wash it every day or just leave one day between washes, that you alternated your shampoo with a conditioner that cleans without sweeping away the grease that keeps the hair healthy.

2. The water has to be slightly colder: Hot water opens the hair follicles, weakening the fibers and facilitating breakage. The solution is to lower the temperature for the final rinse.

It's for your sake...

It’s for your sake…

3. You don’t need so much shampoo: Washing your hair doesn’t have to end up as a foam party! The foam, in fact, is not necessary, and you know it if you use a shampoo without sulfates. Apply a small amount of shampoo, spread it all over the hair and leave it on a couple of minutes.

Relaxing foam party

Relaxing foam party

4. Alternate the shampoo: Because your hair doen’t always have the same needs, and because a single type of shampoo, conditioner or mask cann’t cover all of them. Use a moisturizing one and another one for delicate scalp, for example.

5. The issue of the hair mask: The situation is as follows: if you apply a mask every time you wash your hair in the end there’ll be no mask able to take effect on it. Use the conditioner and apply a mask only once a week or every 15 days.

6. Consider the oil: Essential oils moisturize and seal the hydration in the hair fiber naturally, and allow you to stop treating your hair with chemicals constantly. You will also save on conditioner and mask.

He doesn't use chemicals, are you going to do it?

He doesn’t use chemicals, are you going to do it?

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