A motorcar is often the second most expensive item a person purchases after a house. Naturally you’re going to want to keep it looking and running like new. The best way to do this is to investigate strategies from professionals at motoring sites such as www.pureperformancemotorsports.com, but there are also simple things you can do at home. Here are the top ten tips to get you started.

Avoid unnecessary short trips

Most wear on a vehicle’s engine happens when it’s started. Short trips where the motor doesn’t get time to warm up are particular hard on the engine. If it’s a short trip and you can walk, do so.

A good start leads to a long life

When you do start the car, remember it needs to warm up a bit to be at its optimum. Don’t accelerate hard at the start. Drive off slowly until the car reaches it best operating temperature.

The park brake’s there for a reason

Your park brake isn’t an optional extra; it has a purpose. Aside from extra safety when parked on an incline, it also eases strain on the automatic transmission and helps keep the rear brakes properly adjusted.

Keep it clean; keep it new

Keeping your car washed and polished will help reduce rust and sun damage; and in turn add years to the life of your vehicle. This is even more important if you live near the ocean or in salty conditions.

Know your car

Probably the best tip for getting the longest life from your car is to know it well. The first thing you should do is read the owner’s manual. Not just skim it; read it. This book is full of important information and suggestions that will keep your car in top running order. The more you follow the directions of the manufacture, the longer your car will last.

Extend car life

Extend car life

Check the fluids

If you follow the first tip, you will notice it has a detailed list of all the fluids that need to be monitored. Cars have coolant, oil, power steering and transmission fluids. They can develop leaks or, in some cases, evaporate with use. Check them regularly; at least one a month.

Keep fluids clean and flushed

You will also on occasion be required to replace the oil at least every 5000 to 8000 kilometres, with the other fluids changed or flushed at regular intervals. Your owner’s manual maintenance schedule will provide a guide.

Look after the tyres

Keeping your tyres properly inflated will not only save on fuel and keep you safe, it will assist in cushioning your ride and keeping your car’s suspension system from excessive wear. Check the pressure at least once a month.

Watch your alignment

Shuddering at high speed indicates your wheels are out of alignment. Excessive shaking is not good for your car as it causes premature wear. Keeping your wheels aligned will also extend the life of your tyres.

Keep an eye on the brakes

Another cause of undue shuddering, especially while attempting to stop, is worn brake rotors or disks. Have them checked at each service to make sure they don’t wear down to the metal.

A little bit of effort and careful driving can go a long way in making your car last. Look after and it will look after you. For more tips and information, check out Pure Performance Motorsport on Ebay, as well as their facebook page.

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