The average time from first putting a UK property on the market to accepting an offer is 67 days.

And unless you’ve got substantial savings, you’ll probably have to wait until your current home is sold before moving to your next one.

Selling quickly depends on variables like location, property features and market buoyancy.

But there are some simple actions that can lead to a swift sale for viewers and cleanliness and neatness are easily achievable.

With that in mind, here are four easy fixes for making your house more attractive to potential buyers.

  1. Guttering

Repairing or replacing guttering might be the last thing on your mind when marketing your home.

But defective guttering can look untidy and cause long-term structural problems like timber decay and undermined foundations.

Warning signs include damp patches on ceilings and walls, weeds sprouting on external structures, and loose guttering fixtures on paths and lawns.

A thorough inspection will reveal whether repair or replacement is the best option — but refreshing these features can make your exterior look much more attractive.

  1. Front door colour

First impressions last — and your front door has an immediate impact on visitors.

Research from Dulux suggests that the colour of your door is closely associated with certain personality traits.

So for most British people, navy is associated with intelligence, grey is linked to sincerity, black evokes a sense of mystery and a ravishing red tone suggests passion.

If you want to attract a creative potential purchaser, a lilac door might attract their attention, while a cream colour projects a sense of peace and harmony.

But a bright yellow door might set the best tone — people with this colour of front door are perceived as happy and welcoming.

  1. Mats

You can’t be expected to tiptoe in and out of your property in order to keep it pristine while you’re waiting to sell it.

But if you’re involved in outdoor pursuits or have children or pets, it can be easy for your front steps and vestibule areas to become muddy, damp and unwelcoming.

And the last things a potential buyer wants is to step in dirt and detritus on their way into a house.

You can source attractive and hardwearing mats from a reliable supplier like the Mat Factory — avoiding putting buyers off before they’re able to get a proper feel for your home.

And if you add a warm welcome message, it just might seal the deal.

  1. Moccasins

There’s no point investing in tough door mats if your family forgets to take their shoes off once they step indoors — carpets and flooring will still become worn and dirty.

And walking about in bare feet is unpleasant and causes to colds and chills, so splashing out on a family collection of Moccis might be money well spent.

These hand-sewn Swedish moccasins are cosy, comfy and stylish. And best of all, they’ll protect your floors and home furnishings.

They’re recommended by podiatrists and tough enough to last long into your tenure in your new home.

These four easy fixes should help you shift your home in record time and see you settling in comfortably in your new abode.

Have you recently sold your home? Share your tips in the comments section.