You may have heard of Veep. Someone in your office, at your gym or coffee shop may have been talking about it. Get ready to hear about it so much more as this HBO comedy gem (distributed locally by Warner Bros.) shines brighter and brighter. Here are five reasons you should be jumping on board the Veep bandwagon.

1. The Cast

Veep is headlined by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, best known for her role as Elaine Benes in Seinfeld, arguably one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Louis-Dreyfus is amazing in her sharp delivery as vice president Selina Meyer, and her deadpan style is perfect for this political satire. Chief of Staff Amy, Selina’s right-hand woman, is perfectly played by Anna Chlumsky (yes – Vada from My Girl). Chlumsky has amazing comedic timing and nails her character’s flustered, foul-mouthed, uptight behaviour.

Gary Walsh is played by Tony Hale – best known as Buster from Arrested Development – and is so dedicated to Selina, he’s often the butt of jokes in the office. Matt Walsh (Mike) and Timothy Simons (Jonah) are hilarious support characters that contribute to the depth of the show.

2. The Non-Elephant in the Room

While set in a political landscape, Veep isn’t pushing any political agendas, or even discussing them. The writers have not even made a hint towards their political leanings. Instead, the show focuses on flawed characters, high-pressure situations and women in powerful jobs. If you enjoy Parks & Recreation (the comparisons are inevitable), Veep is the slightly nastier cousin, for grown-ups that enjoy a few swears.



3. The Insults

Landing a great insult, or watching someone deserving get burned by a sizzler is one of life’s guilty pleasures. From the downright nasty and tactless to the well-conceived backhanded compliment, Veep has it all going on. Well-known for its bordering-on-potty-mouth dialogue, Veep features some of the best zingers on TV. At times, you will cover your mouth in shock, other times you’ll cheer at the ruthlessness. Just when you feel an achievement has been shortlived (given how fast the show moves, it’s understandable), an insult cements it firmly in your mental timeline.

4. The Banter

Witty banter makes or breaks a comedy show. Between the ladder-climbing, back-stabbing and trying to cover mistakes, you can forget this is supposed to be a carefully planned and managed political landscape. The dialogue in Veep is snappy, smart and hilarious. The show is created by Armando Iannucci, the brain behind The Thick of It and In The Loop. Be prepared for profanity, but don’t be put off by it. There are so many witty comments, awkward pauses, tantrums and discussions to enjoy.

5. The Storylines

Veep is not just about political stories. It’s a hilarious look at slightly-inappropriate situations, or Selina making embarrassing appearances for the sake of her career. These are sitcom staples, but the best storylines feel as though they could be authentic, without heading into serious political territory.

If you are looking for a new comedy show to get into, Veep is well and truly hitting its stride. The time is right to catch up on the previous seasons, with the show currently in season 4 production. Are you already a fan of this show? What other shows would you recommend?

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