The McLaren F1 is one of the finest supercars of our times; it was first launched in 1994 and had been the fastest car until the arrival of the Veyron. The driver’s position is central in the car while the two passenger seats are further behind. It has an incredible a track performance; it is light in weight and drives smoothly in town, and however more pressure should be applied when it comes to braking. If you are looking for a great automobile investment then go for it, it is costly and prices still accelerating.


The first concept of this model was showcased in Paris motor show in 2000 but the production was delayed until later. It is now a real supercar with revolutionary ‘W ’layout  and its 8 liter 16 cylinder Quad Turbo engine generates the highest energy outputs ever recorded on a full production car. Its powerful release of energy pushes this super car to an outrageous speed of 254mph. Though caught up in annoying delays this car production the first one was released in 2005 at a price of 1 million Euros.

Bugatti Veyron luxury

Bugatti Veyron luxury


Koenigsegg is a brand of super exotic cars claiming world’s fastest productions with approaching speeds of up to 245mph though the claims are yet to be verified. The brand showcases advanced electronic aids, with ride heights, chassis and braking characteristics all adjustable from the driver’s cockpit. This makes the car easy to handle.


The Invicta S1 is a gorgeous car that is impactful with features reminiscent of an Aston Martin. It is powered by Fords 4.6 liter V8 as found in the New Mustang. It is produced by a small independent British company that is trying to revive the 1930s famous name in the motoring world. It is a work still in progress but the look of this car is promising for future creations.

Invicta S1

Invicta S1


This is an enticing car with an elegant classic appearance, it is a modern take on the classic ‘tear drop’ styling of the 30s. Its design was created by a then 21 year old Humphries while on placement. The power in the beginning lagged but has been turned to an impressive 333 bhp. At the moment this car is a rare commodity only available for the wealthy few but with increasing demands the limited editions may have to be increased.


This gorgeous model replaced the former model of 944 but yet retaining the basic appearance of its predecessor. Its improvement that enhances its previous performance is due to its new Variable Valve Timing Engine that enabled to push the car to a 155mph.


This supercar is actually a UK version of the Australian Holden Monaro and its impressive performance that gives it a great bet if it were to race. This is due to its Corvette C6, 6 liter V8 turned to 400 bhp. It comes with good looks, practicality and decent handling.

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