What’s the most exclusive mobile phone you can own nowadays? Is it the gold-plated iPhone, or the one filled with diamonds? I won’t try to diminish the monetary value of such a contraption. The materials used to build such a device are expensive, sure. But the phone inside the precious casing is still an iPhone, just like the ones carried by millions of youngsters, hipsters, yuppies and teenagers all over the world. Used to update their Facebook status, take selfies, watch videos and play games – as long as they are free.

For a truly exclusive and luxurious experience you need to look further than the Cupertino-based IT giant – all the way to the United Kingdom. Here you will find one of the most exclusive phone manufacturer of the world – Vertu.

Vertu has always been a brand that puts emphasis on the value of its products, rather than their price. Each Vertu model is hand-crafted by the company’s craftsmen, with the goal of offering a valuable piece of technology which expresses value and exclusivity at the first glance. Signature Touch, their first smartphone model, has all the specifications you might expect from one of today’s flagship phones – a Snapdragon 810 chipset, a HD display, an amazing camera, all this running with an Android operating system with a customized look. But true luxury comes from the exterior: the combination of titanium and hand-stitched leather, its sapphire-crystal screen, its earpiece pillow formed using a single zirconium crystal, and the list could go on forever.

Mobile Phone Services

Mobile Phone Services

But true luxury goes beyond the handset. What makes Vertu’s Signature line unique is the selection of services: Life and Concierge.

Life is a service that offers Vertu owners access to a selection of exclusive privileges, carefully curated to fit even the most sophisticated needs. The list includes access to invitation-only events, entry to the most exclusive private clubs, VIP packages to sporting events. But perhaps the most valuable addition to the package is Concierge, Vertu’s take on the personal assistant.

While Siri will tell you the weather and serve you with a selection of flights from your current location to your destination, Vertu’s Concierge service will go further. It can provide you with everything (legal) within a reasonable timeframe, no matter if it’s a table at the most exclusive restaurant of the city, a room in a hotel that’s fully booked, an exclusive VIP visit to a Broadway show, or even the booking of a private jet – all within a few hours. And behind the service you won’t find a bunch of servers and processors – the people you talk to are real.

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