The specimen in question belongs to the line DecòGlam Jewel House and represents a weird idea of ​​value for an elegant, refined and glamorous home.

Bed Ola Mantellassi

Bed Ola Mantellassi

Leather and fabric in warm sand tones characterize this product, which is guaranteed by the unique atmosphere of care in processing and production strictly made in Italy, as for all the pieces of the collection in which the groove is inserted.

The contrast between different materials, built in perfect harmony with each other, generates a graphic picture of remarkable grip, where the different elements come together in a happy way. The Cerberus leather headboard and the fabric Teddy Bear offers a game of sinuous shapes that alternate between them and lend movement and personality to the whole structure. The rest of the body is expressed with great harmony dialectics. The result is commendable.

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