Bertolotto presents the new collection Walldoor

During the Salone del Mobile 2013, Bertolotto presented a preview of its news related to the world of doors, in particular the new collection Walldoor. The preview photos are of Deluxosphere.

We start from the new Walldor sliding door, a door flush with the wall that allows reversible during installation to determine the direction of opening, you can install it on both masonry and plasterboard honeycomb panel can be customized for color and material as the surface Wall.

It is another new sliding door inside the wall Walldoor that has a frame reduced to the essentials, without jambs and architrave frames. The doors, single or double, are hidden and run on a single top rail screws.

They are part of the new collection also Walldoor cabinets and new niches, an innovative locking system with door flush with the wall for small and large rooms that may be derived from masonry surfaces and plasterboard. They are very interesting to get new space where apparently there would be. The doors can be personalized according to the color and finish of the surface material.

Finally, we close with the new door knocker Sydney plaster in a synthetic finish scratch, which reproduces the color, the pattern, the grain and the pores of the wood. The concept of “Chalk” in fact consists precisely in the exaltation of design material which recreates the natural grain of the wood, providing a view and feels the originality of a light color and refined easily adaptable to different environments.

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