Dual booting on the Galaxy Note 2 thanks to the kernel Perseus

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the protagonist in an interesting thread on the XDA forums that explains how you can use your smartphone with two different ROM through the practice of dual-boot, of course, recommended to users with at least a little experience in these kinds of operations.

The kernel to be used to bring two custom boot ROM is the Perseus version 3.0.80, which in turn is combined with a special recovery which enables the complete control of the dual-boot. If all of the operations listed in the official thread will be executed in the right way, when the PT can for example choose a cleaner thanks to a stock Android ROM or the classic of default used by the Galaxy Note 2 (but the possibilities can be extended to many other ROM).

We reiterate that the transaction is certainly not among the simplest and therefore we do recommend some attention.

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