Fashion Trends Summer 2013: Gothic alternative Angelos Frentzos

1912 Piccadilly Circus, the first neon advertising sign appears in the famous London square. The spring summer 2013 Dualistic Glows Angelos Frentzos will be celebrating these 100 years of light and color: a collection of the cultural mood, high-profile, sharp and lively at the same time. The parka with its soft and delicate tunics can be transformed into high tech thanks to a sophisticated game of laces, while shirts, jackets and suits are characterized by a structure tailored strategic rich in detail to play with every single piece to fit your mood of the day.

Fashion Trends Summer 2013

Fashion Trends Summer 2013

The Gothic style of the alternative designer is reflected on each end and acts as a common thread to the previous collections. The prints are visible on the dresses; expressing fully the inspiration derived from the neon: concrete walls covered with bundles of colored lights and abstract magnetic fields, also in white / black.

The faces of the models, deliberately covered with hats born by the extension of the clothes, create a feeling of anonymity and focus attention on the clothes.

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