If you are looking for a new kitchen design scheme, then consider a rustic makeover. Rustic style is appealing to many people because it creates a comfortable and homey feel. Elements can be incorporated into most kitchens easily, due to the eclectic nature of rustic design.

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Check out the following tips to help you create a rustic kitchen that is sure to bring touches of warmth and comfort to your home.

Natural rustic elements

Rustic design relies heavily on natural finishes. Weathered wood, distressed finishes, stone, brick, twine and burlap are textures that can give your kitchen a rustic look.

Reclaimed wood is a popular material to use in a variety of ways, from wall hangings to remodeling projects, such as installing reclaimed wood ceiling beams. Natural wood or painted and distressed wood can be excellent for your breakfast table, island, cabinets, decorative items and more.

Exposed brick or limestone walls bring out texture and depth. A natural stone backsplash made of slate or faux-wood plank tiles could be used to make a statement. Textured plaster walls or a faux-textured paint effect can add a rich country feel.

Iron, brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and copper are excellent choices for cabinet hardware, utensils and more. Feel free to mix and match metal tones to create more depth and an eclectic style.

Farmhouse glam

Get a glitzy, rustic look with a hanging pot rack, where you can display shiny pots and pans. This will double as an eye-catching focal point. Create a similar effect on a budget with distressed, open shelving to display your pots and pans, dishes and decorative items.

For a stunning look, fill your pot rack or open shelving with shiny copper pots and pans. Copper chef sets are gorgeous, affordable and suit just about any kitchen with a two-tone design.

Choose granite countertops with swirls of black, brown and copper to go with your new metal and wood tones. Concrete countertops are another option that bring in a raw texture.

Rustic kitchen cabinets come in many styles. Select natural wood, stained or painted cabinets. White-painted cabinets are light and airy, but any color can be used. Two-tone, distressed cabinets are popular, with distressed edges in a contrasting paint color.

Bring in a farmhouse table that showcases a beautiful wood grain and pair it with painted and distressed chairs or benches.

Rustic details

No matter what your budget may be, there are ways to mix in rustic details. Get the most for your money by using functional pieces that double as decorative items.

Due to the beauty often found in used and distressed goods, you might seek out worn or antique items. Used items at yard sales and thrift stores can be affordable options.

Remember that there are many inexpensive, rustic DIY ideas that can add a personal touch. Take items such as utensil holders and wrap them in twine. Paint and distress mason jars to use for flower arrangements, pen cups and more. Burlap and chicken wire used in DIY projects can bring texture to the design.

Rustic kitchens are all about natural elements, mixed textures and weathered edges. This look is sure to make you home comfortable and stylish, so hopefully these tips will help you create the rustic kitchen of your dreams.