Indulgences often equate guilt. They almost always break the bank, make you live unhealthily, and result in unwanted weight gain. So we’ve packed some epicurean indulgences that leave you guilt-free and well-pleased. Oh, and it’s a full menu, too.


Let’s start off with wine. A glass of champagne is ideal – it’s sparkly, exciting, and it’s only 80 calories. Buy something worth the celebration or occasion, and not just the cheapest one around so you get more bang for your buck.



Ah, there are plenty of choices. But if you want to ease up on the calories, take oysters. They’re a smart pick being sustainable, healthy and delicious, too. Pair them with herbs and butter, or go simple with salt and pepper – no matter, oysters are epicurean.


There are all sorts of salads, but not all of them are healthy or at least affordable. Try a Greek salad like the patzaria salata with whole beets, olive oil, vinegar, salt and garlic. Create a lovely salad platter and garnish with bits of parsley for color.

Rice Dish

If you want to go heavy on a meal, try sushi. It’s got your favorite thin slices of seafood and a chunk of lovely flavored rice. About six mouthfuls of sushi can go a long way.


Everybody’s got to eat their fruits. The best way is to go for fresh servings, but you can always make guilt-free treats with fruits like mango-cream popsicle, mixed berry salad, and peach galette with almond crust.



If a fruit serving isn’t enough, try any one of these guilt-free desserts such as the black bean chocolate cake, sugar-free ice cream sandwich, rhubarb crisp, and pumpkin tart.

These days, it’s so easy to create a guilt-free menu. You can look up recipes online and start working in your kitchen, or perhaps ask a friend to cook something for you. You can also buy your guilt-free epicurean indulgences from healthy food shops.