Honda CR-V returns with an updated technological level to separate itself from compact SUVs, such as the HR-V. It is offered in a single, well-equipped version, which costs $57,200.

Models like the Honda CR-V are considered mid-sized SUV and are responsible for the fashion that prevails throughout the automotive industry, in which everyone wants to have a model that looks like a 4×4 and uses honda 4 wheeler parts, whether or not it has double traction.

ATVs, for example, was the one that was first adapted to the use that began to be given to them. The drivers stopped demanding better vehicles to move off-road, simply because they nearly never circulated outside of it; at best, a trip to the countryside or an incursion into the dunes during the holidays was all the use these ATVs were given.

What took advantage of this situation were the compact SUVs, such as the Ford EcoSport, for example, which ended up prevailing due to a price issue and the wide availability of honda replacement parts. And although the differences are evident between one category and another, the medians had to become more exclusive for a user who does not have the slightest doubt when choosing between one model or another. And that is the path that this new generation of the Honda CR-V took.

This model is built on a new platform and incorporates a new propulsion group. These changes are intended to communicate from its style, which while retaining the idea of ​​the previous generation, now tries to give a more sophisticated and cutting edge look, with marked strokes and reliefs, especially in the front and back.

The new Honda CR-V is smaller than the previous generation. It now measures 4,571 mm long against 4,605 ​​mm from the previous edition. But it increased its wheelbase, allowing it to improve its interior. For example, it increased the space for the legs of the rear passengers by 5 centimeters.

The presentation of the interior also changed. And while maintaining the sobriety that has always characterized this model, now looks a bit more sophisticated from the perspective of the driver. First for its fully digital dashboard. And secondly, the way the central console screen is presented, which now stands out more and is more within reach of the driver’s hand.

All in all, this new Honda is more luxurious than ever before but at the same time accessible and multifunctional, thanks to its ability to go off-road and the great options for honda bike parts in case there’s ever a need for replacements.