In this regard, it has already been applied into an agreement with Kerzner International Holdings Limited, which should result in a not too distant futuristic translate on the ambitious dream, in a country where more and more often they fail to realize the most difficult challenges , thanks the wide availability of financial resources.

Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis Hotel

The plant will be situated on 62 acres of private land, with large stretches of water a stone’s throw of the sea, where swimming enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice to follow their passion.

The revolutionary Aquaventure Waterpark, the exotic marine exhibitions and gastronomic experiences is hypothesized to make it even more attractive to customers staying in this dream structure, designed to gain the upper floors of the local accommodation.

Construction will begin later this year, ending in 2016. With 1,300 rooms and many attractions in assets, this hotel aims to become a place of reference for the entire region. Difficult for users of high-end it remains insensitive to its many amenities.

It is a sublime wonder, spa, luxury boutiques and endless stretches of beach, where Atlantis will showcase a whimsical world of fun and entertainment for all ages.

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