No biker plans to change their tires except when absolutely necessary. If you plan on changing the tires of your new bike or if you have been experiencing problems changing the tire, you would love this short, and the easy-to-do list we made for you. Make sure you only choose best quality motorcycle tires and tubes. You can now wave goodbye to the days of being stranded when you have a flat tire.

The valve core comes first

There is a common mistake most motorbike users make when they are about to change their tires. They go for other parts of the tire except for the valve core. No matter how flat the tire is, always remove the valve core first and ensure you mark the valve stem so that you won’t encounter difficulty replacing it.

Breaking the bead comes next

Hold it, you don’t have to pull out your implements if you haven’t followed this next step. After removing the valve core, you need to break the tire bead. If you can’t do it with your bare hands, you can use either a bench vice, welding clamp or a C-clamp. Most tires usually have two bead parts. So ensure you flip the other side of the tire.

Lubricate and remove the tire

Once the bead on both sides of the tire has been broken, it is time for the tire to come off. Get a very good lubricant or starchy food like custard and apply on the rim. The advantage of this is that the lubricant makes the tire beads slide over the rim easily.

Pull the inner tube out

Sometimes, it is easier to remove the tire other times it hard. But if you are having difficulty you can use flattened metal rods. After removing the tire, the next step is to remove the inner tube. If you are replacing the tube: get a fresh one.

If not, inspect the tube for scratches, perforations or signs of impending damage. You will be lucky in some cases to find shards of glass or nails or other pointy objects that were responsible for damaging the tube (N.B: Be careful; you might hurt your hands in the process)

Inspect the rim and apply duct tape

The inner tube isn’t the only part of the tire that needs an inspection. The rim should also be inspected for damage like cracks and abrasions between the spoke holes. To see the rim clearly, use a coarse and abrasive pad or a wire brush to clean the rims. After this process is completed apply duct tape or electric tape to wrap the rims if you don’t fancy rim bands.

Arrange the new tire on the rim

It is believed that at this point you are now installing the new tire. First, you have to install the new tube and inflate it to take the shape of the tire. Next, lube the tire beads and force it over the rim. This shouldn’t take time or effort.

Inflate and get set to zoom off

When you are sure that everything is set: tire bead in place, valve stem in its hole and tire fully rotated. Inflate the tire slowly until it reaches the recommended pressure and you are good to go.

It is highly recommended that you always go for OEM bike parts for your motorcycle.