Shoes are created to make walking comfortable, to prevent your feet from the elements, and to lessen the impact of wear and tear on your feet. This goes without saying that when it comes to selecting shoes, you should always get a pair that fits you perfectly. Here are proven tips to help you get a proper shoe fit and avoid many foot ailments associated with wearing ill-fitting shoes.

1. Get a measurement before shopping for shoes, especially online. This is because the size of your feet changes as you grow older. Your current size may be bigger than the previous year. As your feet age, they lose their fat padding and thus they grow wider and longer. So, don’t assume that you will always be a size 8.

2. Fit your shoe to your larger foot. Here’s a fact, most of us have one foot larger than the other, so make it a point to check which foot is longer. Stand on a piece of paper and draw a line around each of your foot. Inside the drawing, indicate which side of the foot it is—left or right. Cut the outline and then determine which one is longer.


4. Select a shoe that is shaped like your foot. Many of the shoes today, especially ladies shoes, are designed with pointed toes. Whoever told them that our toes are shaped that way is misled. So, unless you want a nerve inflammation between the toes, choose a pair of shoes with wider toe box. Why suffer from wearing a shoe that squeezes your feet into an unnatural shape?

5. During the fitting process, leave enough space of at least 3/8″ for your longest toe at the end of each shoe when you are standing up. This ensures you comfort no matter the amount of standing and walking you subject your feet to.

6. Make sure that both your left and right heels fit comfortably in the shoes. You don’t want your shoes riding in and out of your heels when you walk.

7. Last but not the least, walk in the shoes during the fitting process. If they feel right, then maybe they are the perfect fit for you.

Happy shopping!

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