Generally, smart home security features highly depend on the vigilance of the homeowner, which means that you have to do your part to keep it secure from potential threats to your household and privacy. Here are tips that you can make use:

Having a Smart Password Strategy

Without a doubt, passwords will be your first line of defence against cyber-attacks, even for your home automation systems. With this in mind, you should be vigilant with changing your passwords once in a while. To maximise this strategy, you can enable the 2-step authentication feature when available, which has proven to be effective in detering would-be hackers.

Using a Secure Wi-Fi Network


It is best to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks, as it would make it easy for hackers to procure sensitive data from your home automation system. Instead, you can use a secure private network or a mobile data service when setting up a smart home technology.

Reviewing Your Camera Log

Keep in mind that internet-enabled cameras are typical points of entry for hackers, especially when they are able to bypass authentication protocols, which means that you should regularly check your camera logs. By going over the history of IP addresses that have accessed its feed, you will know whether or not there was someone who managed to infiltrate your smart cameras.

Choosing a Trusted Brand

smart home tech

When choosing smart home technology supplier, go for one that has been around long enough to be more apt to know solutions that make internet of things (IoT) products secure and efficient. You can also inquire about what security measures such a company has taken for their own premises before pursuing a purchase.

Most importantly, you should be prepared for possible cyber-attacks. Keep in mind that, even when you have the most airtight system installed, you cannot guarantee yourself that your home’s smart security measures will never be compromised. So, be prepared for the possibility!

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