Who is InventureX?

InventureX is the industry’s top crowdfund marketing and product launch program for investors and entrepreneurs. Thousands of InventureX reviews posted online are in agreement: the company is the best there is when it comes to helping people reach fundraising goals by taking a concept directly to the public and to potential investors.

The InventureX team can help bring any viable idea to life. That’s why InventureX is the number one consultancy organization of its kind in the entire industry and has the statistics to prove it. With a success rate greater than 85 percent, the company can assist anyone reach funding goals that range from small sums all the way up to the “over $1 million” range.

3 Incredible Projects They Have Funded

InventureX has helped bring hundreds of projects and ideas to market (see a full list here). Here are just a few of the most recent campaigns that went from a basic concept all the way to successful market introduction:

Everybot, a sleek and efficient robotic cleaner

The manufacturer of this ingenious little robot cleaner is based in Korea and began operations in 2015. With the help of InventureX, who worked with Everybot’s management team to build a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, the company launched the RS500, a dual-spin mopping bot that cleans floors quietly, quickly, and efficiently.

VENQUE, a unique line of functional carry-bags

Launched in 2011, VENQUE is a Canada-based maker of functional bags that are both durable and stylish. InventureX partnered with VENQUE when the bags were still in the concept phase and assisted with both fundraising and helping the company locate a reputable manufacturer for their new line of incredible bags. With a full-fledged social media and crowdfunding campaign in place, the process went smoothly and VENQUE was able to reach its financial and marketing goals.

Allo, a bike-mount and speaker combination

Allo is a clever device that allows bicycle riders to use their phones hands-free and via a quality speaker that is mounted to the handlebars. This was one of InventureX’s most interesting projects because the inventor is a high-school student who has a passion for making bicycling more convenient, and safer, for everyone. InventureX helped construct a powerful crowdfunding campaign and put the product in front of important investors and thousands of early-adopter consumers.

How To Get Started with InventureX

Entrepreneurs who want to reach out to InventureX for crowdfund marketing assistance, and to possibly begin a collaboration with the top firm in the industry, can call them directly, visit their website, or follow them on social media.

One of the best ways to find out if your project has potential crowdfunding viability is to schedule a phone call with an InventureX team member. Simply fill out the brief questionnaire and note the time when you’d like to speak with the team member.

During the call, you can get all your questions answered and gain a clearer idea about the future of your product idea. In many InventureX reviews, entrepreneurs note how much they learned from the team member about a product or idea’s potential. Consultations are a smart, no-cost, no obligation way to find out whether an idea has financial future.

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Phone: 1-800-207-8408