Christian Flindt is an artist / designer whose creations range in various areas, with unique and surprising design, particularly in the field of furniture and lighting, as confirmed by the chairs that we are going deal with today.

Light Block Chair

Light Block Chair

For the “Light Installation” of the Danish Museum of Design, Flindt has created “Light Block Chair”, a ‘ brilliant ‘ project to create light within a session. This ingenious creation made ​​of Hi-Macs translucent when lit, reveals the inside with a surprising effect, the rounded profile of a traditional Viennese chair.

It is a chair of ‘ light ‘ within a x ‘ physics ‘ project promoting an unexpected optical illusion that gives the viewer the impression of an amazing double effect.

To create “Light Block Chiar ” , Christian Flindt chose Hi-Macs Opal – Lucent range – for the unique quality of the material and its thermo- formability. In a mix of design, art and architecture, the author had bi- dream of a solid, flexible and transparent line and Hi-Macs proved to be the perfect solution.

Christian Flindt , whose approach to design is truly unique,succeeds in making the material as this installation does  shine. So, Hi-Macs, the New Generation of Acrylic Stone , is casted , molded , machined and turned into a true work of art.

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