Whilst we can all spend a lot of time and money on making our homes look luxurious, it’s always important to remember that they exist as functional living spaces too.

And there always comes a time when our homes can become a little crowded which is why investing in some multi-functional furniture in the living room, bedroom or kitchen can make all the difference.

It can take some extra effort in making your furniture work for you, but there are some surprising examples of how multi-functional furniture has long been a traditional part of our homes.

In the kitchen, the trusty range oven has been operating as a way of cooking food and heating the house for many years, and many homeowners have enjoyed the luxury of having an extendable dining table that can be used to accommodate any number of guests.

Multifuncional home

Multifuncional home

The living room can often function as a spare bedroom when friends and family come to stay, which is why having furniture on castors can be a real life-saver.

And similarly, maximising your living area by investing in some of the on-trend multimedia cabinets and even chic coffee tables with storage space underneath can really help when space is at a premium.

Many of our living rooms have benefited from having a sofa bed for extra guests, but even in our private bedrooms there’s space to be saved thanks to some multi-functional furniture.

Some of Bedstar’s bedroom furniture features a pull out bit that’s called a trundle that’s perfect for when families comes to stay, whereas we’ve all felt the benefits of mirrored storage as a way of brightening up a room and storing anything from clothes to bathroom accessories.

Multifuncional home

Multifuncional home

Other examples of multi-functional furniture that’s traditionally helped save space include the likes of simple sets of bookshelves that act as a room divider in small spaces. But there’s been a real trend for modernist multi-functional furniture too, with the Tre Multi Function Table operating as a coffee table, desk and bookshelf.

Whereas hi-tech fans will undoubtedly be impressed with the likes of the eye-catching multi-functional lamps by Philippe Starck that include bookshelves, USB chargers for your digital devices, and of course, a pleasing way to illuminate your interior.

Even basic aesthetic touches like using neutral colours and cosy wicker baskets for blanket storage can all supplement your day beds with trundles to really give you a luxurious multi-functional home.

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