In the world of technology, current trends are ever changing: they either fluctuate and transform, or disappear entirely and a new one pops up to take its place. When all is said and done it’s a fickle market. There are, obviously, changes that have been made to this sector that seem destined to remain the same, but that isn’t to say they’re the only advancements being made.

Despite the endless torrent of applications, the world of trending mobile apps can be especially useful in pinpointing where the best apps for our needs are. There are a wide range of apps, and thus it can feel like wading through stagnated water trying to find the right one for you, but occasionally, a certain app or set of apps, can prove useful tools.

Cooking Apps

Food, and the consumption of, is not only an important part of our lives, but it’s also a very enjoyable one. Nowadays it invades our televisions, social media, and our kitchen cupboards, such is the strong grip of cookery. For these many reasons, cooking apps are among the long list of apps that are currently on trend, with some widgets doing more favourably than others. Sidechef, available for both IOS and Android, is one of the most popular among foodies. This is because it takes the anxiety out of learning new recipes; using voice instructions, pictures, and videos, budding chefs can plan out new meals to impress within their social circles. BigOven is another clever little cooking app that allows you to upload your own recipes, and to access those on the system; you can choose to pay a small free for the ad free version, or download for free.


Games Apps

Arguably gaming apps have always been high traffic commodities and a recurring trend in the mobile market, but now they seem more prevalent than ever, possibly due to the diversity on offer. What is more, due to the rise in casual gaming, and how much revenue the industry alone creates, mobile gaming could be argued as being the future of video games as we know it. While there are plenty of decent ones, there are equally poor quality ones; Risky Road is one such app that falls into the former category. Players need to overcome obstacles and keep on driving until the end of each level – simple yet captivating, it makes basic physics fun. There are also other widgets, like those from Betway, who supply a wide range of slots and online blackjack games for mobile players. The titles are all unique in their own way, and help bring the buzz of vegas all the way into your home.

Fitness Apps

We are obsessed with body image these days, even more so than when size zero was the latest fad. This is because now there are all sorts of self love revolutions that are taking place to try and help people accept their bodies for how they are, and still look after them at the same time. In all fairness, a love for physical fitness has always been around, but nowadays companies have had to get more creative in order to attract audiences, which is why Zombies, Run! is one of the best running apps there is. Everybody is running around in a zombie apocalypse, so what better way to get motivated than listening to horrific (fictional) scenes play in your ears? If that isn’t inspiring enough, you can always take a more gentle approach and keep a daily log of your exercise and food via Myfitnesspal. This widget not only lets you keep a record, but also has hundreds of foods already in their database, therefore informing you of the calorie and fat content of each.

As you can see, the world of mobile apps, although diverse, is choosing to stick to three main areas of interest: recreation, food, and sports, and will probably continue to do so in the near future. Nonetheless, due to the frequent changes within the markets, the next big change could see a dramatic shift once more.

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