The festive procession was welcomed in style by the men of the “Spirit of Ecstasy”, which showcased some models for the occasion, including the recent Wraith, ready to land on the market.



Many protagonists of the event took the opportunity to visit the factory of the English house, others have lost an extraordinary opportunity to do so, demonstrating a passion for motoring lacking in some aspects.

The shrewder have been able to launch a look behind the scenes of the building and facilities of one of the most renowned manufacturers in the world, whose works are born with sublime patience craft, to deliver excellence “alive” to the lucky buyers, including the record many big names from every corner of the world.

During the event were collected funds in favor of Southampton Charity Hospital (Paediatric Rheumatology Service), confirming a trend always very strong automotive universe, which leads to the generous altruism combine the passion for the fascinating world of four wheels.

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