There are lots of safety features in your vehicle that you might not be aware of. Well, this might be a bit redundant for some, but it should be more informative as to provide a feeling of safety as you drive your car to work. Take a look at some features that your car might be missing.

Crumple Zones

These are areas that would absorb energy when your vehicle will crash. These parts include the hood, fenders, and bumpers that are designed to crumple like the accordion, as they take the brunt during accidents.


Wraparound Headlight

This type of headlight is designed to integrate the turn signals, low and high beams. These are wrapped around the back or front of the vehicle to the sides. This will enable people driving within your blind spot to determine any intention to change lanes, which results to lesser accidents.

Breakaway Motor Mount

The function of motor mounts is to attach the engine to the car’s frame. This might not be noticeable, but it has a big impact to lifesaving. This is due to the fact that during an accident, this will break the engine away from the vehicle’s frame in which the forward motion will allow it to slide under the car instead of going into the vehicle’s interior.

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Also among the many car safety features include the following:

  • Steel-belted radials,
  • Ventilated disk brake,
  • Side impact door beams,
  • Laminated windshield,
  • Tempered safety glass,
  • Child safety door lock,
  • Five mph bumpers,
  • Safety cage construction and
  • Center high-mounted brake light

The existence of alarm systems and airbags are just common car safety features that people know about. But in actuality, there are also other features that you should look for when buying a vehicle. This is because cars must provide safer commutes.

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