If you are thinking about buying a motorcycle from a private seller you will already be aware that there is plenty of choice to be found on the market. With all the motorbikes for sale on the web, it isn’t always easy to know which make and model to select. Here are a few excellent reasons why you ought to be investing your money in the superb BMW R1200RT.



A badge that simply oozes class

Let’s face it, we all know there are brand names which say very little about the product and some which say a little more. Few of them, however, have the kudos that the BMW badge carries with it. Any motorcycle which features that all too familiar logo will be a desirable and beautifully engineered machine that will get you from A to B with an emphasis on style.

The ability to turn heads wherever you go

The majority of motorbikes on the market these days tend to focus on functionality rather than style, and while this is all very well it simply doesn’t apply to any BMW machine. Whenever you straddle the seat and gun the engine, you will be the subject of admiring glances wherever you go. Even a trip to the shops to buy a pint of milk will be extra special.

Power when you need it, where you need it

Even if your prime motivation for buying a BMW R1200RT isn’t pure, unadulterated speed, you can’t help but notice its impressive performance. This superb bike provides a turn of pace that would put many of its closest rivals to shame, so when you need to open it up it certainly won’t let you down. It can do a quarter mile in 12.2 seconds from a standing start.

The perfect bike for when you want to go touring

Of course, not every rider wants to hit the track every time they don their crash helmets. For many owners, the way the bike performs when they go on a touring holiday is far more important. The BMW R1200RT is perfect for those long road trips, offering a ride quality that is comfortable from the first mile right through to the very last, even on the longest journeys.

A greener option for the 21st century

The R1200RT is, like many other large bikes, not as green as its smaller, less powerful cousins, of course, but it still represents a more environmentally-friendly ride than many of its competitors. It offers impressive fuel consumption figures, a fact which is partly helped by the introduction of a significantly lighter road weight in recent times.

Finally, that all-important wow factor

It isn’t always easy to define what wow factor actually is, but most of us know it when we see it. There are some bikes which are bigger than the BMW R1200RT, which are more powerful, which offer a more comfortable ride and which are somewhat greener, but the sum of their parts come nowhere near this magnificent example of prime German engineering.

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