As you are surrounded by smart technologies that are designed to make your life easier, you should let your home also enjoy the perks they bring.  With the help of something that you already own, like your smartphone, it is now easier to bring smart, connected technology into your home. Here are some of them:

Voice-Control Thermostat to Heat or Cool Your home

There is now a smart, energy-saving thermostat that lets you control the temperature of your home from afar using your smartphone. It comes as a basic programmable thermostat featuring a touchscreen display, with voice controls that you can tell to get the atmosphere warmer even from across the room, adjusting the temperature accordingly. Of course, you should have Wi-Fi, so that it can connect to your handheld device (or computer) for control.

Intelligent Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detector


You have probably heard about home smoke detectors, but there are newer detectors that can do the job more intelligently. You can turn the alarm off just by waving your hand under it. Aside from this, it can speak in human voice to tell you where and what the problem is, rather than simply blaring an alarm, so you can address it. It can also communicate with other smart safety devices to offer more protection, like shutting off a gas furnace if it senses a carbon monoxide leak.

Smart Outlets and Light Switches

With this technology, you can switch on and off a variety of home appliances and lights at any time. Using a recommended app, you can do this task as well as schedule it at specific times. You can even configure lights to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise.

Advanced Security Systems


While a standard home security system usually includes a complex installation process and hefty fees, modern smart systems are all about easy installation and self-monitoring. It will just alert your smartphone if it detects a problem. It even has the capability to let you to see if your family is home and check that all of your doors and windows are locked before heading to bed.

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