Some app designers want you to fulfill the plans you set out at the beginning of the week and put all their imagination to serve this purpose. And some are willing to force you or punish you. It may seem a little harsh, but if you end up doing all the tasks on your list, don’t you think it’s worth?

Freedom: If you are that kind of person who keeps blaming Internet for that mania of yours of procrastinating all day long then this is your app. Temporarily, it forces you to be completely offline for the time you’ve programmed. It blocks any contact with the net and doesn’t even let you cancel it. Now you can get hysterical, cause you’ll have to hold your abstinence crisis.

Doodle: If you don’t already know it it means you don’t use your Google calendar often, and you’ve few complications to get to meet with your friends. Fight anger and irritation when trying to meet with all the group but can’t find a gap in which you all agree: each one writes down her free time and quickly this application will find the day in which you all can meet. And believe us, when you are very many, it’s the most comfortable thing to do.

Who'd say we could meet this day...

Who’d say we could meet this day…

Write or Die: The title says it all. In its second version, it seems it’s gaining more and more followers. With a multitude of options, the application is really simple. It forces you to write. Exactly, and not only it forces you; it goes a step further in cruelty and, in case it considers you’ve stopped for a too long time, it starts to erase your writings. You can get really upset if you don’t impose yourself to reach the end.

It deleted it ALL!

It deleted it ALL!

The Email Game: It consists in answering emails in a funny and even competitive way. First you have to set a timer, forcing you to choose which notifications are important and which can be postponed. Every time you answer one of your emails or release your inbox, you earn points. And it lets you sync with your friends to see who’s winning!

Card Munch: Here you’ve to collect cards of your new contacts, with a simple picture of it. It connects quickly with Linkedin, allowing you to save the contact in a simple way.

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