Besides the willpower involved in exercising regularly, you need to do it properly. Here you have 10 common mistakes we make in our training:

1. Too much cardio at the same rhythm: To make the same activity all the time at the same intensity level won’t help you get the most out of your workout routine. Try to intersperse movements of effort/intensity for a couple of minutes.

Today it's the "increasing the intensity" day

Today it’s the “increasing the intensity” day

2. No weightlifting: If you don’t dare with weights yet, try Pilates. Doing strength training helps you strenghten muscles and burn more calories.

3. Running with an empty stomach: It makes no sense to run without a power source, despite doing it earlier in the day. Even if you’re not hungry, grab a piece of fruit or some almonds.

That's the attitude!

That’s the attitude!

4. Running without having drunk water: You’ll get exhausted before and you’ll submit the body to a higher level of stress due to lack of moisture.

5. Not making the right moves: How many people have you seen jogging and wondered who taught them to do so? Any physical activity’s its technique and it’s better to know it before jumping into the race. Exercising improperly will only get injuries.

6. Skip stretching: If you’re going to make the effort to train, do it till the end. The end’s the stretching session. Take a few minutes before and after to prevent injury and recuperate your muscles.

Warming up can also be glamourous

Warming up can also be glamourous

7. Get obsessed with abdominals: They’re not the key for a flat belly.

8. Not changing the exercise: You can’t expect to spend the rest of your life going to the same session of body balance. Your body evolves as well as it should evolve the activity or the intensity with which you practice.

9. Not using the right supplements: From sneakers to weights, through the mats and rollers; not having the right equipment can end up in unnecessary injuries.

10. Consider that you’ll have the body of an angel of Victoria’s Secret in the overnight: Everything in life takes time.

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