The incredible green beach of Tsingtao in China

It is just incredible! An unbelievable wide stretch of beach covered by a green carpet of algae. Incredible the abnormal proliferation of these algae, but it’s amazing that there are people who despite everything, do take a bath! It happened this month of June (the photographs date back to June 12) at Tsingtao in China, nearly 9 million inhabitants, of this important industrial center and port of China.

Beach of Tsingtao in China Beach of Tsingtao like a swimming pool Beach of Tsingtao Panoramic View It is Real Playing in Beach of Tsingtao Swimming in Beach of Tsingtao

Despite the appearance of the little reassuring Enteromorpha proliferates, it is not a toxic algae. It is not poisonous, but it is certainly very annoying, having transformed a beach (even the smallest), in a grassy meadow

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