When choosing a university and degree to study there are many variables to consider. First of all, the quality of the center that offers it, the advantages it offers for the career you want to develop, your future projections, the access requirements it demands, the time one must dedicate to the studies and the cost that this will have for the student. Regarding the economic factor, most students decide to look for a type of study that they can afford. Looking for a job or applying for a loan, they try to cover the expenses of the study in question. The prices of the same vary according to factors such as the duration, the institution that provides them or the prestige of the teachers of reference.

However, some students make the opposite choice and prefer to bet on grades with a highest cost. In general, this type of study offers greater benefits at the end of the degree, such as the support of having a degree from a prestigious university or the possibility of accessing higher salaries and the best paying jobs such as Prime traffic lawyers.

Do you want to know the most expensive university degrees in the world and the reasons why you should choose them? Here you go:

1. Executive MBA from the Wharton School

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has the most expensive MBA in the world. It lasts two years and has a total cost of $ 192,900. It is estimated that their graduates have an average base salary of $ 127,280 upon graduation.

2. Sarah Lawrence College

Based in Westchester County, New York, this liberal arts school has a bachelor’s degree that costs $ 204,789.

3. Harvey Mudd College

The Bachelor of Science of this center of California is worth $ 209,532. It is estimated that their graduates have an average of $ 78,200 upon graduation and $ 133,000 mid-career, so the investment is easily recovered in the short term.

4. Columbia School of Medicine

Aspiring doctors must pay a total of $ 230,536 to obtain a degree in this school. However, the prestige of the center and the program in particular makes this spending a real investment.

5. The Tufts University School of Medicine

To be a doctor of this school, $ 238,056 must be paid. It is based in Boston and stands out for its well-known research programs.