Few countries in the world have the natural assets that South Africa has in being able to offer you that luxurious holiday in the sun. Not only does South Africa boast dramatic mountain ranges, thriving metropolises and thousands of miles of sandy beaches, but it also has a rapidly growing economy that is eager to capitalise on the country’s abundant beauty. So if you’re heading to South Africa, then why not check out these stunning destinations.

Out on safari

For many, a South African holiday will be synonymous with the safari. And there are some great packages that will offer you the chance to marvel at an array of weird and wonderful creatures from the comfort of your luxurious accommodation.

African Safari

African Safari

The Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve is in the far north-east of the country and was recently featured in the National Geographic’s Lodges of the World feature for its beautiful accommodation. The lodges feature rugged wooden and adobe walls, but offer the very best in luxury with excellent service and cuisine. There’s also the option of using the secluded plunge pool whilst you watch the neighbouring springbok sauntering by!

Casino glamour

Under the oppressive regime of Apartheid there was a stranglehold kept on all gambling activity except for horseracing. But since the 1990s there has been a significant loosening up of regulations which has liberated this magnificent country to enjoy, and profit from, a range of endeavours. And casino resorts are now big business in South Africa. One notable resort is the Gold Reef City casino complex in Johannesburg. This offers top class casino gaming as well as its own theme park and exclusive range of restaurants and luxury accommodation. You can still partake in South Africa’s gambling boom even if you stay away from the resorts with the fantastic online options for online gambling that are not only highly secure, but very profitable too!

Bluff, Durban

Bluff, Durban

Beach extravagance

And if you fancy getting away from it all, then South Africa has miles of beautiful windswept beaches for you to indulge your most luxuriant fantasies. The Thonga Beach Lodge is a great example. Located in Kwazulu-Natal on the glorious east coast of South Africa, the lodges are set in a secluded bay and offer funky thatched-bush suites in the midst of the beautiful dune-forest. There are also fantastic dining facilities, but what marks this resort out are the unspoilt beaches that offer a snorkeling paradise as well as great opportunities for off-shore scuba diving.

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