It is just a yellow diamond dream for the world’s most expensive necklace on sale at low price of $ 55 million. A creation worthy of a Queen, enhanced by the egg-shaped stone from 407 carats, a rare gem and one of a kind. This diamond and necklace which is nestled will be the protagonists of Singapore and JewelFest , a feast of luxury and jewelry that will take place from 11 to 20 October 2013.

Most expensive diamond

Most expensive diamond

The necklace, as if that was not enough the huge diamond in the center , is studded by a rain of 90 white diamonds of 230 carats, the result of the talent of master jewelers Mouawad , of Lebanese origin. The necklace has a nickname in the environment that already says it all: The Incomparable.

A fairy-tale masterpiece of high jewellery that has earned the title of world’s most expensive necklace. A proof safety because Lupin (the thief) is held in custody the jewel for the duration of the festival and to its possible sale. Many legends surround this precious stone, all said that one of her diamond was found by chance by a Congolese girl in the trash. Of this young blessed with good fortune, however , was not heard from again, so as to suggest – as often happens – that the family (it is said the uncle ) deprived her of the gem and immediately sold it to its time for a paltry sum (in compared to its real value) to buyers of diamonds in the place .

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