Preparation or prevention is still the best way to avoid certain things to happen to your car. Basically, you should be aware of preventative maintenance and planning to avoid getting your car in trouble.

Here are several things that you can do in order to save a great deal of time and money as you use your car over a lifetime. You can even prolong its lifespan if you only know how.

Reading the Owner’s Manual

If you have the manual with you, try to read some points about keeping your car to run properly. This can be found on your manual which can provide information about the weight and type of oil to be used in different seasons. It should also matter to mind the proper interval of maintenance, including the maximum load that your vehicle can lift.


Reading Warranty Information

If you have already read the manual by this time, you should have an idea about the warranty information. Directions written on this part can be used to give your car the full warranty. Such can also be a good maintenance schedule that you can use to maintain your car.

Change Oil Regularly

Not changing oil will be a recipe for disaster for your car’s engine. This is because it can lead to decrease in oil levels that can potential harm the engine. A good indication is by doing it whenever your car reaches the 5,000 to 10,000 kilometer mark.

Servicing Your Vehicle


If you can’t handle problems on your own, you can always visit a reputable repair shop to handle the repairs for you.

Checking Everything Before Traveling

Make sure double check things before heading out to the road. Such will include some vital fluids like oil level and coolant. You can also inspect the exterior of your car if there is something unusual that requires fixing.

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