When you keep your car’s paint in good condition, you are not just boosting your vehicle’s resale value, but also securing its only line of defense between the body and the elements. Most probably, you already know the common things that can ruin the paint, such as parking lot dings, gas pump spills, gravel roads, ashes from wildfires, tree saps, bird poop, bug guts or even an angry ex-girlfriend. However, there are other things that can do just as much damage to your car’s exterior.

Dirt on Car Wash Tools

Washing your car can be fun, but one common mistake that can cause greater damage than you think is dropping your sponge. Remember that bits of sand and grit would stick to even the finest and most expensive microfiber wash mitt you are using, and not being to completely wash them off from the mitt will cause swirl marks and scratches after you have done washing. So, try never to drop anything while at it, or replace a ruined mitt with a new one to avoid expenses on repainting or detailing.

car wash

Automatic Sprinklers

That spot right next to the planter might look good for parking, but you would be in trouble if the area has automatic sprinklers. As you can see, minerals left behind by the water that would be sprinkled on your car will bond to the paint, making them very hard to remove. The simplest way to avoid such a problem would be staying away from these parking spaces.


Your Morning Coffee or Beverage

Driving off with your coffee cup or soda bottle on your car’s roof can cause little spills that can ruin the paint. As many beverages contain acid that can hurt your car’s finish, wash off any spills as soon as possible because letting them sit and dry will only make them more difficult to remove later.


Now that you know these unbeknownst causes of paint damage, you will be more careful with them and better take good care of your car.

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