Since our cats are the kings and queens of the house, in Deluxosphere we believe they (always) deserve more than what we give them. What are those ugly and cheap cat beds in the pet shops? Are they pets? Then why treating them like that? In this post we will show you three ideas to please our furry master:

Habitat ’11: This fantastic home has been designed by Sarah Chou, a student at the University of Alberta (Canada). She found inspiration in the Habitat ’67 houses by architect Moshe Safdie.

Habitat '11

Habitat ’11

As you can see, the house has two floors where the cat can sleep and play. It also includes two integrated bowls where to serve food and water. Perhaps it lacks a scraper or a small ‘garden’ to plant some catnip.

Poopy Cat: Everyone knows the obsession that cats have for boxes. Those who have a cat know that many times they buy them something with all the enthusiasm and in the end what they love is the box and not what came inside. It is also pretty tedious to spend a lot of money on furniture for them and then they do not use it.

Poopy Cat house

Poopy Cat house

So in Poopy Cat they have thought that the best could be a modular house made with cardboard boxes, which can be like a game for us and also guarantees a sure hit with the tastes of our cat. The idea is to compose the house at our will using multiple boxes, as you can see in the pictures, until you find the result that you like best to everyone, us and the cat.

This photo is only an idea of how it can look, but we can compose boxes as we like and make the house for our cat as we wish, we can also change from time to time and give it another way for us not us get bored of seeing it and also to entertain our cat with the newness.

Hobbit Hole: Are you a geek of ‘The Lord of the Rings‘ or ‘The Hobbit‘ movies? Sure you have a good collection of books, posters and toys. And if you have cats, maybe you like this Hobbit Hole by IF Industries.

The Hobbit Hole

The Hobbit Hole

For now it is just a design. Its creators have not yet put on sale. In principle, it will be a litter box for cats but it would be better that they adapt it for other uses. For example, it could be a ‘real’ cave for cats. The top could be covered with catnip. But hey, let’s see how it will be the final product!

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