Did you just buy a high-end car and do not know what the exact care is that you have to provide to make it look fresh and new despite how many years go by? When it is a private vehicle, the
choices regarding high-end cars can be very disparate, but all of them will always be very accurate. What has been your personal decision? BMW, Audi, Cadillac, Ferrari, Lamborghini or
Porsche? Whatever the selected brand, you should not think that the maintenance is done on its own as if it were magic.

Periodic care for your car

In this post, we will detail which are those parts of the car which you have to pay special attention as well as give specific care to. Are you ready?

  • Lubricants: To slow down the wear of parts that make up the engine of the vehicle you have to check the level of the lubricant tank approximately every 1,500 kilometers. This way you will avoid more than one scare and an excessive expenditure of money.
  • Lighting: You must maintain the lighting system and signage of your vehicle in optimal conditions. You must stop at least once a month to review its operation and clean the exterior surface to finish with the remains of dust and mud that may have adhered. In case you do need help though while on the road you should feel relieved to know there are mobile mechanics that can help you anywhere and at any time.
  • Bodywork: To look like a high-end vehicle deserves to look, do not neglect its appearance. It is very convenient to wax the body every time a new season of the year arrives. This way your car will shine more and will be more protected from the humidity and the sun’s rays. It is also recommended to wash it twice a month.
  • Interior elements: Let your car breath at least twice a month, conditioned so that the dust accumulated in the different parts of your car leaves. Aspire it thoroughly so that it remains pristine. Clean the dashboard with a damp cloth and don’t forget about the brighteners. Moisturize the leather seats with a special sponge and lotion once a month.
  • Tires: You have to check them periodically to make sure that they comply strictly with the pressure indexes that the manufacturer advises. In the event that you notice any vibration or
    noise that are out of normal when you perform the braking action, it is surely time to change the tire.
  • Wiper blades: To avoid damaging the car’s windshield it is essential to replace the windshield wipers every summer. This is the time when they wear out and get damaged the most.
  • Comprehensive security: Do not expose your luxury car to conflictive zones of your city and try to have a garage to be able to park it in and always have it protected.

Finally, you should not forget to take your vehicle to a specialist at least once a year for a full health check of each of the components. Personal maintenance helps, it’s true, but not with everything. You always will need a professional to take a look once in a while in order to make sure the car is doing well. This is especially true for luxury and super cars.