Taking care of a classic car is a labor of love.  People who buy classic cars know that it will take a lot of work to maintain them, and they welcome this task.  Shopping for classic car covers is as emotionally loaded as buying a bed for your pet.  One notable difference is that custom-made dog beds are arguably a more frivolous purchase than custom fitted car covers.  Of course, the cover is just the beginning.  Many other things you can do to keep your classic car in good condition have to do with the car’s inner workings.

Here are some ways that you can help preserve the youth of your classic car:

Make Sure That Your Car Has Enough Fluids

Everyone is used to putting gasoline in a car, but gasoline is not the only fluid that affects a car’s function.  Make sure that your classic car has enough water, brake fluid, and oil.

Drive Your Car At Least Once Per Month

The stereotype about classic car owners is that they are always tinkering with the car in the driveway, but they almost never drive it.  Driving your classic car too infrequently can cause as many problems as driving it too much.  You should drive your classic car at least once per month.

Be Careful Where You Park the Car

The best place to park your classic car is on pavement.  If you park it on gravel or dirt, it will expose the car to moisture, which can damage it.  Parking the car on your driveway is okay is you live in a mild climate.  Otherwise, you should keep it in a climate-controlled garage.

Keeping your car covered will protect its paint.  You will still need to maintain the functional parts of the car as well.

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