From the trendy to the outright wacky, there are some new gadgets on the market that make travelling more convenient and fun. Although it might seem an added expense, but the comfort these gadgets bring to your trip will make it more luxurious and less stressful. So if you are planning you next holiday soon, it’s ideal to look around for the coolest new gadget to bring along, one that does its job best for your needs.

Here are some of them:


Suitcase from Playluggage

With the suitcase from Playluggage, you’ll have a dependable partner for the craziest of your adventures. Its surfaces are designed to double as gameboards for Chinese checkers, backgammon, poker, chess and Parcheesi. It is even compatible with Lego-style blocks and embedded with erasable markers on which you can draw. Magnetic game pieces are included, so you can always leave a game set up.

Privacy Screen Slim Case from Solo

The rise in mobility of information has also increased the need for users of mobile devices for their data to keep private, especially while viewing it in public areas. With this in mind, Solo has introduced an adhesive privacy screen that can cover your screen with an elbow. It darkens the screen when viewed from the side and is compatible with the iPad Air.

The ChargerLeash

If charging your devices is a challenge while on the road, then this gadget is definitely for you. it comprises a line of cables that sound an alarm when your device is disconnected, but you forgot to unplug your charger from the wall. It also has a snooze feature, so you can make the alarm silent when you’re at home.

Buddy Pouch from Running Buddy


Originally created for marathon runners, this is a sweat and water-resistant pocket that attaches with strong magnets to a waistband, which is useful when travelling for business and avoiding the look of a fanny pack. You can use it to contain important documents, such as IDs, passport, etc.

With these new innovative gadgets, you can definitely make your travels and holidays more fun and convenient. So, grab them, pack your things up and embark on that next trip you’re planning. Enjoy and stay safe!

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