There are a number of worries that usually come with age. Among the most common ones is the unsettling sight of a once young-looking body grow older and more tired. It goes without saying, the most immediate sign of the aging process is to be found on one’s own skin. Skin is literally all around us and covers an area of around 2 square metres – wide enough not to go unnoticed.


Recently, I found it very useful to learn more about skin-related issues that start appearing as you grow older and ways to deal with them. The solution to these common problems will help you feel younger and more at ease with your body.

  • Dry Skin

It’s safe to say that the first, most visible effect of age on your skin is a certain roughness, which is caused by a drier tissue. Naturally, the body produces fewer moisturizing oils than previously, and the cells are more easily damaged as a consequence.Among external factors that impact the speed at which the skin ages, is surely sun exposure. So don’t skimp on sunscreen and don’t lower your guard over the winter months: you will want to stay away from dangerous UVA rays, which are present all year long.

The remedies:
Any vitamin A cream is usually a safe bet, and a very affordable one too. Vitamin A is the one that’s more related to dermal growth, cell turnover and the production of sebum. A regular intake of it will go a long way in helping your skin look more relaxed and smoother. It can be found in a wide (and very tasty) range of ingredients such as eggs, peppers, carrots, papaya and avocado: finding the cooking inspiration for a vitamin A-rich diet will be relatively easy. Here are a few ideas for a very varied anti-aging diet.

  • Very Visible Signs

Acne usually occurs during adolescence, yet doesn’t always go away. It might also leave scars which, by definition, are there to stay as well. Redness might be a regular sight too if your skin is weakened by age and drier because of the above reasons. All of these visible signs are amplified by the fact that skin gets paler with age, which makes them more awkward to have than previously.

The remedies:
Therapy is the most effective solution for any of these lasting signs. I have only recently heard about dermalux, mostly because of the incredible effects it’s often associated with. With dermalux you won’t have to stress much – it basically involves sitting on a sunbed equipped with LED phototherapy cells that help skin regenerate 150% to 200% faster. Much healthier than your average sunbed!